Anouch Missirian

I am a postdoc at the Environmental Markets Solutions Lab (emLab) at UC Santa Barbara, and next year (Fall 2021) I will join the Toulouse School of Economics as an assistant professor. I just graduated from the PhD program in Sustainable Development at Columbia University, which seeks to address environmental and social issues through an interdisciplinary approach. For me that consists in combining questions, methods, and data from both ecology and economics, in my doctoral research and beyond.

Before crossing the Atlantic, I studied Biology and Ecology at the École normale supérieure in Paris. There, I picked a keen interest in biodiversity and ecosystem processes, in particular as they concern vegetation and soils, or are affected by human land use (e.g. agricultural practices). The human, and specifically economic, component of those issues is of particular interest to me. My doctoral journey seeks to get at that interplay, for instance by assessing the local environmental and economic consequences of conservation programs (in Ecuador), by quantifying the effect of weather shocks affecting agricultural regions on international migration (to Europe), or by examining the dynamics of agricultural landscape simplification (in the United States).

Wonder how to pronounce my name? Nothing unheard of, and nothing to worry about, I am not too particular about it. If you are lucky enough to understand the IPA /anuʃ/ will help, otherwise just think "baba ganoush". Or ask!